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Written by: JCRKO

A YunJae fanfic for the “BREAK OUT” fanfic contest at Ai No Kami community.

A guy was walking towards the terrace. He was wearing an oversized T-shirt that clearly not his possession that covers his upper body up to his thighs.

He was sitting in the terrace of his house watching the sunset, the sun’s orange rays that shone down on him beautifully compliments his skin, making him more beautiful.

He then randomly remembered something that happened 10 years ago…


Break Out hyung… Break Out…

Those are the words that lingers in my mind everytime..

There is nothing wrong with it hyung…

Words that make my mind busy everytime…

Breaking out is the most proper thing to do…

Words that made me question my inner self… my heart… my soul…

And thinking that those words came from the mouth of my 14 year old cousin… It makes me more confused…

The school bell rang as the sign of the end of school hours. Everyone from their respective classes started to go out of the room and go home, but not Kim JaeJoong.

Kim JaeJoong is your typical clumsy, nerdy guy. Always uses the benefits of the library, school organizations and other academic stuffs, even getting bullied every single moment of his school life. He was very used to it. It’s a part of his everyday life. After those academic errands, he meets up with his cousin at the school’s backyard to walk home together.

Jaejoong was walking in the hallway, specifically on his way to the schools backyard when suddenly…


He bumps into someone, causing all of his possessions scatter to the floor, even his worn-out plus scratch glasses.

“Chongsomnida…” he bows numerous times and started to pick up all of his belongings laying on the floor.

“Oh, it’s ok… it’s ok…” the lad who was bumped by Jaejoong replied and started to pick up also Jaejoong’s things.

When Jaejoong reach the last possession that is scattered on the floor, his hand and the lad’s hands touched each other. This made Jaejoong look to the man whom he bumped. He couldn’t see it clearly because of his poor eyesight, so he wore his glasses again.

He felt blood rush on his cheek and his heart beat faster. He doesn’t know that feeling. Call him weird, but in 16 years of his life, he still doesn’t know that feeling.

It also shocked him to see who he bumped to. It was Jung YunHo, the school’s resident star. He’s all a girl (also maybe man) had ever wanted. He is good-looking, fit, can maintain good grades, talented and golden-hearted. He is a total Dream Boy.

Jaejoong realized that his hand is under YunHo’s so he removed his hands back to him with the book and stood. This made the latter chuckle a bit and stood too.

“Are you alright?” YunHo asked Jaejoong and gave him a warm smile.

Jaejoong then felt his face become red and looked down. He nodded his head in an anime like manner.

YunHo then introduced himself to Jaejoong and offered his hand accompanied with a warm smile.

“Hi, I’m Jung YunHo... *offers hand and smiled*”

“Jae-joong.. Kim JaeJoong…” Jaejoong stutters and absent-mindedly shook his hands.

“I’m sorry again YunHo-sshi… I didn’t me-mean to… umm… bump on… yo-you…” Jaejoong apologized again.

“It’s ok, it’s not like I’m gonna give you a red card or something, I’m not a member of F4 you know... hahaha” YunHo laughed and looked at his wristwatch. JaeJoong just lowered his head even more.

“Oh… I have to go now. I still have rehearsals for the school’s musical next month… Oh! Take this…” Yunho pick out something from his pocket and handed it to Jaejoong. YunHo just put it inside JaeJoong’s polo pocket since Jaejoong does not offer his hand. “It’s a ticket at the school’s musical, it’s on the front row, you are the first one to have it. I’ll be expecting you there… see you later… and oh, nice meeting you JaeJoong-sshi.” YunHo ran out of the hallway.

“Nice… meeting you… too…” Jaejoong said in a low tone as he watched YunHo’s figure disappear. After a few minutes of staring… he realized that he has to meet his cousin at the school’s backyard.

While walking to the school’s backyard… he brainstormed about the weird things he felt. He does not know anything about it, he simply can’t find any scientific reasons for that things to happen to him.

He is now on the school’s backyard… he then saw his cousin talking and giving a piece of paper to a good-looking, tall guy [taller than his cousin]. Jaejoong happened to overhear what they’re talking about because of his sensitive hearing.

“What is he doing with him?” Jaejoong thought to himself.

“Here it is hyung” Jaejoong’s cousin handed the paper to the tall guy.

“Thank you Taemin-sshi, I’ll text you later.” The tall guy smiled and winked at him genuinely.

Taemin blushed a shade of pink and smiled too.

“I’ll wait for that, hehehe” Taemin giggles.

“Ok, I’ll be going now, I’ll see you tomorrow” The tall guy said and starts running.

“Bye hyung, take care! I’ll see you too tomorrow.” Taemin waved at him and smiled.

Jaejoong then waited for his cousin to sit in the school bench before approaching him. When Taemin finally seated, he approached him. Taemin saw him and called him.

“Jaejoong hyung, Annyeong haseyo~ how’s school?” Taemin smiled at his hyung and stood up.

“It’s kind of weird Taemin-ah, how about you?” Jaejoong replied.

“It’s a very good day for me… I have a new friend. Why is it weird for you hyung? You haven’t told me yet.” Taemin answered while turning slight pink.

“I’ll tell you on our way home arasseo? Pack your things already and let’s go home, I’m kinda hungry.” Jaejoong said while clutching his stomach.

“I have an idea hyung, let’s eat at the ramen house near our home, my treat.” Taemin said.

“Oh really? Is that you Taemin-ah? It’s the first time you’ll treat me.. hahaha” Jaejoong then ruffled his hair.

“Yah hyung, you are mean.” Taemin then pouted when Jaejoong ruffled his hair. Jaejoong apologized and they start walking to the ramen house.

The two started to walk home. They are just chatting with each other when Jaejoong asks Taemin about something.

“Taemin, who’s that guy you are talking to a while ago while you are waiting for me?” JaeJoong looked at Taemin in the eyes. You can trace curiosity in his beautiful orbs.

Taemin started to blush and took a sip on his ramen.

“Its.. ugh… umm.. Min-Minho, Cho-Choi Minho. He was umm… from the soccer team… yeah…”

“Oh… Ok then… but why are you stuttering?” JaeJoong then asked Taemin once again.

“Oh, nothing hyung, It’s just that, It’s cold… yeah… It’s cold.” Taemin assured his hyung. He was hoping that Jaejoong will fall for it and guess what, he does. Taemin was thankful that his older cousin was too innocent. Both started to eat again.

A few seconds of slurping sounds came the ice breaker. TaeMin then asked his hyung why he was kind of late a while ago.

Jaejoong then stated the whole story to his dongsaeng. His heart was beating faster than usual again at the reminiscing he made. He also turned pink at an unknown reason.

“Do you know what is this feeling Taemin-ah?” Jaejoong asked again his younger companion.

Taemin think about it for a few secs then squealed like a fan-girl when he came up with the conclusion.

“HYUNG~! YOU ARE IN LOVE~! OMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU~! OH MY Go—umph~” Taemin was cut off when JaeJoong covered his lips with his hands.

“Would you calm down TaeMin-ah? Its embarrassing.” Jaejoong hushed the other one.

“Ok then, Ok hyung, Mianhaeyo.” Taemin apologized.

“I’m not in love Taemin-ah, promise!” Jaejoong looked at his cousin.

“Yes you are hyung, and its love at first sight.” Taemin felt very happy.

“What? Ho-how? I don’t even know what that is…”

“You will hyung know it hyung…” Taemin said expertly

“How will I know? I am a man, and he is too, it’s a total disobedience of human law!” Jaejoong said.

“It is also said in the human law that we can love. Hyung, its 20th century, don’t live like you are in the pre-historic times.”

“Ho-how did you know that?” Jaejoong was amazed to hear it from his dongsaeng

“Internet!” Taemin answered as he took a chopstick full of his ramen.

“What am I going to do Taemin-ah?” Jaejoong asked his cousin looking miserable.

Jaejoong didn’t even know why he was very curious about this thing, he could just ignore this but he can’t… the reason? HE SIMPLY JUST CAN’T~!

“Break Out hyung, Break Out…”

“What do you mean ‘break out’?”

“Admit to yourself that you like him.. oh, let me rephrase that… that you LOVE him”

“wha-WHAT?! I AM NOT GAY~! I AM NOT!!!”

“There’s nothing wrong with it hyung…”

“Yes it is…”

“No it’s not...”

“it is..”

“it’s not”

“it is..”

“Oh c’mon hyung, who is the one whose asking for advice? Me or You?”


“SO LISTEN TO ME~! OK? BREAKING OUT IS THE MOST PROPER THING TO DO! I tell you, you will thank me afterwards. Arasseo?” Taemin said dominantly. Jaejoong just fell silent.

“Nae… Arasseo…” Jaejoong felt himself shrink… It’s the first time Taemin said something not pointless. He was amazed to hear these things from his 14 year old cousin. They then go back eating their ramen.

“But… Taemin, how do you know such things?” Jaejoong then asked again his cousin while putting noodles on his mouth.

“Aigoo hyung, it’s from experience… and Yes, I love boys…” Taemin said proudly.

“what?! Si-since when? What made you to be like that?!” Jaejoong blurted out, causing to blow out the noodles from his mouth.

“Eeeewww hyung, You’re gross!” Taemin said while wiping some ramen broth in his arms.

“I’m sorry… so.. umm.. since when and with who?” Jaejoong replied.

“Since a while ago… and it’s because of CHOI MINHO! And I love him. Any further questions?” Taemin blushed because of the mention of the soccer team member.

Jaejoong, hearing the answer, fell silent and replied with a ‘no’.

“Good.. so can we eat now? Like, in peace? Co’z I’m very hungry now.”

“Oh ok then Taemin-ah… Sorry for being inquisitive…” Jaejoong smiled slyly

“It’s ok hyung… I’m glad that I helped.” Taemin gave him another genuine smile.

And they both stated to eat in peace.

*back to character’s P.O.V*

But then, I followed his advice… and guess what? I am really thankful. I now lived a very happy life.

It proved that the biggest problems in your life… can be answered by the smallest things surrounding you…

And BREAKING OUT is the best thing to do.

Lee Taemin… THANK YOU

The sun already sets and the moon is now visible from the place he is in. Jaejoong then looks up to appreciate its beauty.

Someone then nudged behind him and kissed him on the neck.

“Hey there beautiful…” the well-built man said while kissing his neck.

“Oh… you’re awake already... aren’t you tired?” the beauty questioned his companion.

“Not really… how about you?” the latter questioned him.

“Kinda… but I can’t feel my legs…” Jaejoong whined a bit.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that... by the way... what made you go here?” the man questioned Jaejoong.

“Nothing... I just remembered Taemin… I missed him so much… I wonder how they are doing in Canada.” Jaejoong replied to the other man.

“Ok then... tomorrow we will visit him. I want to play soccer with MinHo, but in one condition… hehehe” The other man said with an evil smile.

“What is it then?” Jaejoong then faced the man behind him whose head was on his shoulder.

Suddenly… the man picked him up bridal style and said “ANOTHER ROUND!!!”

“YAAAAAAAAAAH~! JUNG YUNHO… PUT ME DOWN~! We just did it 3 hours ago…” Jaejoong tried to fight off the man who carried him but then… he is too weak compared to him. Next thing Jaejoong knew… he and Yunho was on their bed again…

After a minute of whines… the room is filled with moans, groans, and screams of pleasure.

“I love you Jung Jaejoong… saranghae” YunHo said sweetly to Jaejoong.

“Nado Saranghae, Jung YunHo” Jaejoong replied as sweetly like YunHo.

                                                                                                              “HOT CHOCO”

YunJae One-Shot fanfic for DTL’s Anniversary Fanfic Contest.

Written by: JCRKO





“Jaejoong ah, Let’s break up… I love someone new..”


“No… Please.. don’t leave me.. I-I Love You!”


“I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE! Now leave us alone!” Jaejoong’s now “ex” boyfriend turned his back and walks away with his new boyfriend, Leaving Jaejoong alone.


Too shocked by what happened, he just watched them walk away.




The sound of the raindrops filled the whole crowd-less park.


Jaejoong who was now on his knees joined the sky as it cries… like the heaven is also feeling sympathy of him.


Reminiscing those last few words his ex lover had said, he couldn’t help to grip his chest. It was so painful. So painful that he wished that he would just die at that moment.


After those 5 long years, he didn’t think or even thought of this kind of shit to happen or even end. Even the people around Jaejoong thought that they will get married soon and have a happy family.


But that seems not going to happen… because his ex-boyfriend, Choi Siwon, broke up with him.


After everything he’s done for him and this relationship, It is still not good enough or even meant nothing.


Jaejoong is now drenching wet, wet because of the fucking rain and those tears he shed. His tear-stricken face is now covered with his hair. He was a total mess.


He slowly tried to stand and walked, he didn’t even know where he was going. He just let his feet drag him anywhere.


After minutes of walking with no direction, he stands at a front of a familiar house, a house that is very familiar to him.


He needed someone to talk to, someone to comfort him, that’s the thing he thought after his feet brought him here.


He opened the unlocked gate and knocked on the door but no one was answering. He desperately knocked again but the he was stopped by a sudden call.


“Yah, Jaejoong-ah? Is that you? What are you doing here? Its raining…”


He looked behind him and saw his bestfriend closing the gate behind him while holding an umbrella and a plastic bag.


“Yu.. Yu.. Yunho-ah…” Jaejoong began to stutter and feel weak, he was on the verge of tearing up again.


He approached Yunho and hugged him tightly, he started to cry again.


As Jaejoong cried, Yunho on the other side accidentally dropped the things he was holding and hugged Jaejoong back instead. He felt that he needs to comfort Jaejoong so hard. YunHo then asked Jae what happened.


“Si…Siwon ah... he broke up with me…” Jaejoong started. “I saw him with another guy… He… he cheated on me…”


YunHo all of a sudden wanted to run and rip Siwon into pieces. He wanted to beat that shit but Jae didn’t let him go, it’s not he can’t break free, but he wanted to comfort Jaejoong and never leave him so he just remained calm but his hands form into a hard fist, controlling himself.


“It’s okay Jaejoong-ah, just let all your frustrations flow, let all your pain, sadness and anger flow like the rain, release it in your body. I am always here for you.”


Jaejoong then looked at YunHo’s eyes and asked him. ‘Why do you care for me so much YunHo? I know you are my bestfriend, but do you thing its—“


Jaejoong was interrupted with a KISS.


Yes, YunHo kissed him.


Jaejoong was so damn shocked but then he is too weak to broke the kiss so he just let him kiss him. After a few, YunHo broke the kiss and continued Jae’s sentence.


“Too much? No Jaejoong, its not. Compare to everything you did into my life, it was just a piece of dust. Every little thing that you did, makes my days complete, makes me happy. Every single detail you have, every breathe you take, every bit of your personality, Everything you do, makes me now how I, Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong’s bestfriend, Love You.”


YunHo’s words made Jae’s heart speed up. Every word was so pure, so sincere and so true but then, he insisted on asking YunHo.


“Are you saying that words because you just feel pity of me?”


YunHo didn’t answer. Instead, he hugged Jaejoong tight. Letting his actions be his response. But then spoke later on.


“Jaejoong, I don’t feel pity of you. I just love you so damn much that I let my actions be the response. From the very beginning, All I ever care about, always love, is you. Always been you. Even now, I still love you to death.”


“But I am still in love with Siwon, I can’t return your feelings just yet…” Jaejoong interrupted and looked at YunHo in the eyes again.


“It’s okay Jaejoong-ah. I am willing to wait. Even if it takes a thousand miles to walk, hundreds of songs to sing, just to be with you… I will, Even if it takes eternity to wait for you, I love you with no boundaries. That is how I love you.” Yunho said and looked at Jaejoong’s eyes again. Sending a message that what he was saying was true.


“Yunho-yah…” Jaejoong said as YunHo started to lean against his face.


As YunHo leans, Jaejoong closed his eyes and waited for the kiss…


But, suddenly, YunHo stopped and said.


“Let’s go inside the house, we are so wet and it’s too cold. I bet you like some Hot Choco..” and walked towards the house and picking up the things he dropped.


Jaejoong got pissed and turned YunHo around and kissed him passionately, telling him that he doesn’t have to wait and that he, Kim Jaejoong, loves him too.


After a few minutes of lip-locking, Jaejoong broke up the kiss, leaving YunHo still close-eyed.


“C’mon Yunnie, I want some hot choco now, It’s too cold here. I missed your Hot Choco ala YunHo.” Jaejoong said while dragging YunHo inside the house and smiling.


Next Morning, It was reported on the news that a man was killed inside his house due to food poisoning. The victim’s name was Choi Siwon and he died after drinking hot chocolate mixed with muriatic acid the night before. It was also reported that he was with a guy last night named Kim HeeChul which was a serial killer using food to kill.


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